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Safety Inspections

We are an official Pennsylvania inspection station, performing safety inspections on all annually-inspected vehicles, regardless of weight. We thoroughly check your vehicle from bumper to bumper, following the standards set forth by the state. We inform you of any repairs required to pass inspection with an estimate for the work. We will also inform you of any work you should consider having done in the near future, so you can budget and schedule accordingly. We understand your vehicle is vital to your business and every minute without it can affect your bottom line. So, we’ll ensure you have your vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.


Preventive maintenance on your vehicle, or fleet of vehicles, will keep your business running smoothly, decreasing the likelihood of breakdowns and unscheduled repairs. But why pay dealer prices? Our oil change service includes changing all filters, checking all fluid levels, and greasing the chassis. In addition, we give the truck a ‘once-over’ ensuring the safety of your driver(s) and allowing the truck to pass any random DOT inspection. If we spot something, we'll be sure to inform you, but you have the last word. Your truck is a money-making machine. Let us take care of it for you.


Whether your truck broke down, limped in, or we spotted something while inspecting it, we'll work as hard as we can to get your business running at full efficiency, regardless of the repair and regardless of the vehicle type.

  • Straight-bodies (box, flat, dump, stake, utility, etc.)

  • Step vans

  • Vending trucks

  • Most buses and RVs 

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