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Check out some of the reviews posted about Don's Auto and Truck Repair on popular sites:

Karl F.

I have been a customer for 10 years and let me tell you these guys are fantastic. Auto mechanic's can sometimes be one of your least favorite people because they have a stigma that you need to watch yourself from getting ripped off. Not these guys! Henry, Henry Jr. and Steve are very knowledgeable about their craft and always get your car back on the road with minimal down time. Their prices are good and most importantly their work is exceptional. If you live in Fishtown, Northern Liberties or the surrounding neighborhoods I would highly recommend Don's as a place to get your car serviced or repaired.



Jen S.

Henry has helped me out numerous times and is always reliable.  Great service, fair prices, clean, organized - all things I have trouble finding with other mechanics in this area.



Maddie D.

I had just bought a used car and brought it into Don's to be inspected. The front of my car was making a very strange noise whenever I went over bumps and I asked them to take a look at that as well. They inspected my car and cleared the car as "safe to drive" even with the noise but told me that they couldn't 100% say what was causing the noise.  They didn't want to replace a bunch of things that it could be and charge me for parts I didn't need. When I brought my car back for an oil change, they remebered my noise (without me reminding them!) and told me they had done some research and they were sure it was the shock towers. They replaced them and sure enough: no noise. I've been a customer for three years and tell everyone I know about how great their service is. The shop is clean and organized and the mechanics are friendly and knowledgeable.



Sami M.

This place is amazing!!! I took my station wagon here thinking that the car was on its last leg as the car was shaky and the brake line was leaking. The car has been in my family for fifteen years and I didn’t want to see it go so I took it to Don’s. The men fixed the car up and now it’s running great. The guys were all really nice and outlined exactly what they would do and how much it would cost. They were quick, efficient and affordable. I will definitely be back.



Rob F.

I found this place via two good reviews on the cartalk  "mechanics files." It looks sketchy from the outside and has obviously been there forever, but it's right on Girard. Took my girlfriends's car here for inspection. Very friendly, got it done quickly at a fair price and didn't find anything wrong. I'll report back if I ever have any actual repairs I need to have done here. Like most shops in Philly it has no parking lot, so I'm not sure what you do if your car breaks down when they are closed.



Eric J.

I have been taking my cars to Don's for over 5 years now. Everytime I take my car there the service is great and the mechanics are really friendly / helpful. I originally took my beat up 96 nissan altima to the shop. They knew I was on a college budget and helped me get the necessary items taken care of so I could get my car back on the road safely. When I upgraded to my new car they still treated me the same and even changed out a broken tail light bulb at no cost. I would highly recommend taking your car to this place!



Nick D.

Took my car to Don's to get some new brake pads and ended up leaving it with Henry and Steve to take care of some other minor repairs. Great price, great turnaround and really convenient to the El. Henry gave me a call and walked me through the repairs he thought were necessary and those he recommended could wait till next time. I appreciated the honesty and could tell he wasn't trying to nickel-and-dime me. I'll be taking my car back.



Ashley H.

I recently took my 2006 Honda Accord to Don's to have the oxygen sensor replaced; I didn't want to pay extra to have the dealer do it. Don's was accommodating with an appointment time that was convenient for me, and completed the work while I waited. The employees are friendly and courteous and they explained the work they were doing and the itemized bill. I was very pleased with the service I received and will go there again for future needs.



Cecilia T.

I just did my annual inspection in Don's Auto repair. They did an awesome job and the most important is that Don's is run by honest owners. I said this because I had bad experience in a chain auto repair store where I was told i must pay $1100 to fix 4 items to pass the inspection. I don't know much about cars so I thought I should try another auto repair store and that's why I sent my car to Don's Auto. In Don's, my car was inspected again and repaired to pass the inspection. I only paid less than $200 for this. I'm glad that I found this trustable auto repair place, so I won't go to any other dishonest Auto repair places again. I want to say thank you for the excellent service and the great price. I trust Don's Auto and I recommend this place.



Mary D.

Love this place. I've been taking my car here for a few years. Friendly, reliable, no nonsense. I live in the neighborhood and would highly recommend them.



Jon D.

When you take your van to a mechanic and explain a possible issue only to have them call you back and say they gave it a look and there's no problem, that mechanic is either incompetent or honest.  I choose to believe that Don's is honest.  And the van still runs.



Doug T.

I moved to Philly last year and wanted to get my 1991 Ford Explorer Sport Trac brought up to date on maintenance.  Before I moved I had taken it to a Ford dealer that gave me a list of things that needed to be repaired (at a cost of $800).  Since I still had the list I took it with me to Don's.  They said they would check over the entire vehicle and give the things on the list a closer look.  Well it turned out the things on the list were fine and needed no repair at all.  Since I already suspected these things would need repair it would have been easy for Don's to do the work anyway but they were honest and now they have a customer for life!  They other minor repairs I had done were completed quickly & for a reasonable price.



Serena R.

I brought my car here because I was new to town, and it was the closest auto shop to my house. I'll continue bringing my car here (regardless of where I live in Philly) because they are doing phenomenal work. Go to this family-operated business if you want to feel heard and trust that you're not being swindled. Excellent service at a great price!



Hank B.

WOW! What a great group of people to do business with. I recently had my car inspected at Don's but the real reason I bought it to these folks was trouble with an intermittent error code light on the dash. I had other garages take a look but no one could figure it out and a Chevy dealer wanted $184.00 just to take a look with their equipment.. Henry B(JR) was professional and persistent in finding the problem (which turned out to be very tricky and required some research) and the cost to repair was less than what Chevy wanted just to look at the car!!! I really trust everyone here, Henry B(JR), Mr. B(SR) and Steve! I have dealt with all three now and I don't need to go anywhere else for service. Very rare anymore to find honest, fair, and decent people like these in the auto repair business.




Not surprisingly, there are several auto shops named "Don's" in Philly - this one is on Girard near Frankford and the Girard Market-Frankford El station, in the Fishtown neighborhood. This place is not run by 'Don' any more, but by two guys who worked for him and bought the shop. My wife and I have lived in Philly for 2 years and after trying out a few shops with little satisfaction, we're very happy with the guys at Don's. They're honest and reliable and have listened to our problems carefully. Recently, my wife's Ford Focus had a coolant leak. We took it to Don's and when they couldn't find anything, I showed them where I thought it was leaking. Once the mechanic saw what I was pointing out, they followed up on it and found a bad bushing - I was impressed that they were willing to listen without too much ego.




Don's auto in Fishtown is by far one of the best shops in all of philly. Both Steve and Henry are extremely reliable and never over-sell you. I am in a touring band for a living - so I place a lot of miles on my cars - and both the guys are always willing to look at something I find wrong. They will take the time out of their day to either listen via the phone or come outside and take a peek. That is rare - esp in Philly. They also do a lot of work on trucks and so - there knowledge is not just limited to smaller automobiles. My landlord takes all of his work vehicle to them and that is how i was turned on to them.


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